OH-Brew is a internet TV show hosted by Craig Morris a beer enthusiast and former radio personality that is in search of Ohio's finest beer.

Ohio ranks 5th in the United States in craft beer production and 12th in craft beer consumption. It has close to 300 breweries already with more popping up all the time! So how do you know which brewery to choose? Check them out on OH-Brew first!

In each episode of OH-Brew Craig will visit a different brewery and talk to the owners/ brew masters about their establishments and beers to learn what makes their brewery so unique. He will learn their stories and taste the beers as he searches for his favorites. Each of these places have their own character and atmospheres making it truly an experience to remember.

So if you like beer as much as Craig does you will not want to miss an episode!

The Staff

J. Craig Morris (Host)

Craig Morris grew up in Sugarcreek, Ohio where he began his working career with a paper route. His deep love for music and sports landed him in the middle of a radio career that spanned a couple decades, starting in the Heart of Rock ‘n Roll – Cleveland, Ohio – and 3WE. He later returned to his home area and worked at WJER, WTUZ and WKLM where he was an on-air personality for sports and music with a healthy dose of sales mixed in. Later, his career became his hobby as he continued DJ-ing for parties and weddings while he managed Heini’s Gourmet Market (later renamed Swissters), specializing in wine, beer and scheduling of live music. Following his third passion, beer, Craig also became the owner of his hometown, local bar, The Edelweiss. After managing the startup of Millersburg Brewing Company, the first craft brewery in Holmes County, Craig currently is manager at Bags Sports Pub in Millersburg, Ohio.

Dan Harmon (Producer-Camera Operator-Post Production)

OH-Brew was created by Dan Harmon. This is his second internet show. For the past several years Dan has been honing his skills in the development of Path Pedaler (www.pathpedaler.com) a series which explores bicycle trails around the country and all the exciting things to do and see along them.

Dan is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades! In this venture he has stepped into the roles of Producer, camera operator and just recently took over post production. Dan has been involved in the music business for the past 40 years as a musician and sound technician. He has been a machinist and is currently owner/operator of Harmon Hardwoods (www.harmoncabinets.com) a custom cabinet shop in Dover Ohio.

Dwight Kline ( Camera & Drone Operator)

An avid cyclist loving to ride trails Dwight volunteered to help with Path Pedaler as a second hand, which quickly evolved into still photography, and second camera operator. With his background in technology he was the perfect candidate to become the drone operator. Dwight retired from the Timken Company where worked as an electrician then Maintenance Supervisor. Now retired, Dwight has plenty of time to sample Ohio Brews. His list of hobbies / interests is quite lengthy.

Bruce Uher (Website)

Founder and owner, of MultiMedia-Interactive is a pioneer in the interactive business and started the business back in 1985 creating marketing materials for small businesses, corporations and major country and rock artists. This was back in an age when the computer revolution was just in its beginning stages and a thing called the internet wasn't even introduced to the general public. He started programming computers at the age of twelve when he had and Atari game and was fascinated by the games and wanted to figure out how to create them. He started on a Tandy Model 1 which was the first computer Radio Shack ever sold. This was back in the day where you just didn't go to the store and buy software you had to write it. As time passed he moved up through the different models of Tandy computers including the Color Computer and programmed the OS9 Operating System which NASA still uses today. He bought his first IBM Compatible PC that came on the market and the computer world was about to change.

He graduated from Coshocton High School in Coshocton, Ohio where he was fortunate to have a school that had it's own TV studio. This is where he got his start in video production. Bruce still operates his multimedia business with clients like legendary music artist Charlie Daniels and several other major country and rock artists including corporations such as Post Cereal, Bath & Body Works, Del Monte, Google, and many more.